The Tradition


Sambodha is an amalgam Sanskrit term bearing the root syllables that translate as: the realized knowledge that arises through the process of Self-illumination. In 2006 Sambodha was chosen as the name that might best represent the public face of the ancient Amartya tradition, the Surah Parampara. For many thousands of years, the noble Himalayan masters of this ancient tradition have timelessly served humanity through quiet anonymity. Sambodha is our first effort to bring many of their otherwise deeply reclusive and previously unknown techniques and knowledge into the global community.

SolaresSymbol400Sambodha is deeply spiritual in its presentation of knowledge, but cannot adequately be classified as a religion. It might be best referred to as a far-reaching body of spiritual science, that bears in it the exquisite knowledge and profound techniques that are meant to support the path of actualized enlightenment.

Sambodha has over the last decade grown into an international community supported by an active body of authorized spiritual teachers, healers, and students, many of who are deeply committed to furthering this timeless body of knowledge. The dedicated focus of Sambodha as an international community is to help relieve suffering in our world, while also providing technique and knowledge to promote the possibility of actual Self-illumination for its participants. Under the guidance of Aaravindha Himadra the community of Sambodha teachers and healers, and a newly forming body of study group facilitators, are now able to offer a firsthand range of masterfully designed Self-awakening practices in a way that was formerly unobtainable.

The Surah Parampara

The term Surah refers to the spiritual Sun; what might otherwise be referred to as the para’prakash, or the inner glow of consciousness that cascades down into the forming of life from the coronal Sahasrara chakra. The term Parampara can be defined as never-ending, which represents the ageless lineage of Amartya masters that stretches into the most distant mists of our human beginnings. Thus the Surah Parampara is seemingly timeless, having existed far beyond the reach of our recorded history, giving it the appearance of having no definable beginning.

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