I have been searching for the truth of my existence and the bliss that comes with it for some time—I have realized these two resonate together. Practicing Surah Parampara meditation techniques have helped me to experience vimarsha, the splendor of Self-recognition.

This occurs during a moment of pure Self-awareness.

Once we experience the profound presence of unadulterated being, and its luminous bliss currents, our life simply changes from that moment on and we never look at the world through the same pair of eyes. We will be still challenged with our beliefs and emotions but we then can rely on deeper and broader references. The experience of vimarsha becomes like a beacon of light. We recall this profound experience of being, to remember in those times when are challenged, that our nature is an open question—a luminous love, not a conclusion that is spinning in a repetition of chronic emotions.

I have been studying The Surah Parampara knowledge with my teacher and founder of Sambodha, Aaravindha Himadra for 16 years and just recently decided that I feel finally ready to pass on what I have learned, realized, experienced, and actualized. This knowledge has touched me deeply on many levels. My mind is clearer and my heart feels more open then ever. The feelings of expansion are still in process of growing…

The gift of Sambodha knowledge helps us to understand our inner processes in order to recognize our true feelings as compared to our emotions. This knowledge, if lived and integrated, will support us to establish one essential quality of our consciousness that is called Vairagya, a transcendental state of mindfulness. This ability to witness and create an emotional distance is essential in our daily life. Then we can stop reacting to situations emotionally and instead use the art of self-compassion and right discrimination to choose life supportive thoughts and actions. With time and devoted practice, Vairagya will mature to sakshi, which is a state of witnessing from beyond the mind.  Then the way we perceive our current reality transforms. If we succeed by applying right knowledge into our daily life, we accelerate the journey of Self-realization.

I feel deep joy when I can share my understanding and realizations of the Surah Parampara knowledge, and to help teach the deeper way to understand meditation. Also to understand the structure of consciousness, as well as many other bodies of knowledge that I have learned while participating in Aaravindha’s seminars.

If you would like to learn more, please read Aaravindha’s book, “Immortal Self; A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of The Immortal Masters”

I am living in Sydney / Australia currently, if you would like to meet and study… let’s connect.


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