A spiritual life within a daily life. How is that possible?
My desire in life was always to bring into my life that which I recognized as true.

In the Solar Tradition the purpose is not only to experience realizations through meditation and sitting in bliss. It is even more important to bring these realizations into actualization on our way to awakening.

So that there is no separation between a „normal life“ and a „spiritual life“.

How that actualization is possible, is what I am exploring and experiencing day by day in my family, in my work as a holistic practitioner and healer and in a lot of situations which I confront in my daily life.

I have been studying with Aaravindha Himadra since 2005 and I have been a Paramahamsa teacher since 2010.

I love to pass on this precious knowledge which Aaravindha gave and still gives us in every new seminar.

My joy is to teach meditation and the spiritual knowledge and to see how it changes people’s lives.

I have a special love for the healing knowledge, which I have also been teaching for a number of years and it fulfills me with joy to see how the knowledge and the healing meditations and techniques bring healing into people’s lives.


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