Natifa Alice Höbel

… from very early childhood on, deep from myself, spiritual questions have arised.

Later as a teenager I was highly interested to explore the different philosophies of life within my circle of friends.

In this process I discovered a sheer undestructible faith deep inside of me, a kind of inner knowing of unknown origin.

During my adolescence I was magically drawn to philosophic and spiritual topics and started to read one book after the other. Eventually I studied different philosophies, religions and cultures in search of what they have in common.

Many offers on the „marketplace of spiritual teachings“ I perceived as dissatisfying, unalluring, implausible or unreliable.

Over the years I came to the conclusion, that there just might not be answers to many questions; perhaps one could find them in oneself somewhen – in a far away future possibly, in an other incarnation most likely, or possibly never. Gradually I ceased searching for answers, and someday I even stopped having questions at all.

Many years later, when my idealistic ideas and the deeply in myself enrooted „free-spiritness“ were clouded more and more often by an oppressing discontent,

I  – Thank Goddess – had a refreshing encounter with a young woman, whose  impishly sparkling eyes called my attention from the very first moment.

It was like a recognition, when she began to share the treasure of Solar Knowledge with me. I was very surprised, when I became aware of how many questions I suddenly had, because I asked her one after the other.  By far more it astonished me, that I did receive answers – Neither the one nor the other I had expected.

It didn´t take long and several essential, missing „pieces of a puzzle“ landed in my lap. To my surprise I thus came to know, that some absolute basic spiritual themes, in which I interestingly – despite several approaches – couldn´t really get into before, are indeed in today´s world conveyed and taught either only fragmentarily or in essential details even literally the wrong way.

A number of issues could be adjusted and rectified already very shortly after I started studying the Solar Knowledge –  there were adjustements in my understanding, that immediately, clearly and doubtlessly were realisable for me as true.

For the first time in my life I could sense a real access to different topics, that were remaining strange to me until then.

Full of joy I felt, that within the knowledge of Sambodha there would be much more for me to discover.

My initial scepticism towards the „Guru“ of this above depicted teacher soon gave way to an ever increasing curiousness:

Thus in the year 2009 I began an until this day continuing, intensive teacher- and healer-training with Aaravindha Himadra, and a wonderful journey into the worlds of the Solar Tradition. The Solar Lineage, Amartya Tradition or Arkavamsa Parampara is referred to as an ancient spiritual tradition, that, beyond dogmas and religion, is based upon the illumining power of consciousness .

For thousands of years the Solar Knowledge was withdrawn more and more from humanity due to the fall of consciousness and was solely shared with few initiates by word of mouth only.

We today are living in a very special time, a very dark time, where the surviving of life on this planet is globally endangered as it never was before – but we as well are living in a time, that specificallly on account of the darkness, carries within a huge potential for enlightenment, because it is pervasively calling forth our most inner, creative power, as it never did before.

The time is ripe for awakening, the Solar Knowledge is emerging again.

In the Western world it is currently imparted by Aaravindha Himadra and Sambodha-Teachers, that were specifically trained by him.

Aaravindha knows excellently to describe complex interrelations with great ease in admirable precision and to explain consistently from various perspectives. He illumines misrepresented, distorted or even wrongly conveyed interpretations and adds missing details.

It is as if clarity bringing light were thrown on adopted imprecisenesses and inconsistencies. Finally I can tie in with the loose ends of incomplete knowledge.

More and more, everything is merging in a single, brilliant, complex body of knowlede.

My mind shall not be „deactivated“,  pushed away, or fought anymore in favor of a listening to the heart, what I sometimes in the past received as a for me totally unsatisfying answer on concrete questions that I posed.  Both, heart AND mind,  may now be the inseparable unity they are ment to be.

„Knowledge purifies“, Aaravindha says, and I can only confirm it.

Also my intellectual side is finally satisfied on my spiritual path – combined with the finding, that I´m getting to gain and experience a deeper and deeper insight about what it really means, to be listening with the heart.

Specificly coordinated, most powerful, sacred meditation-practices, that are rooted in the force of the illumining aspect of consciousness, are accompanying and supporting this process.

I now do know the way through the confusions of the unconscious into the vastness of consciousness, into my source, my essence – my Self, eternally.

More and more I am learning, to allow this illumining power shining into my life and kissing me awake like a sunray in the morning.

Meanwhile I sort of have „fine-tunded“ my life, for today my spiritual path has taken first priority im my everyday life.

Since the beginning of me discovering Samboda and making it my own, I`m feeling blessed, deeply grateful and showered with presents every day anew.

Passing on what opened up for me through the training of my longtime spiritual companion and teacher Aaravindha Himadra is a heartfelt desire, for this knowledge together with the unique meditation-techniques are the most precious jewels and furthermore the most powerful practices that I have experienced up to this day.

Through no other practice I have ever learned more effectively, to letting go what does not belong to me – to free myself into joy, into myself, my own power – to coming home to the moment. Themes like „presence“, „intuition“, „love“ took on a whole new dimension. Wow, what a journey …

I love to share all this, for example in the form of meditation and study classes, meditative body-stretching exercises, talks, workshops and seminars

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