Kalyani Birol

Life to me was always like a mosaic with many diverse pieces which make up the whole.

For many years I was searching for a deeper meaning of life, for truth, love and peace, in myself, in others, in the world, and I found bits and pieces, parts of the mosaic, along the way.

When I met Aaravindha Himadra in 2005 and began to learn the Solar Knowledge, it felt like coming home and now I know that all that I had searched for in the past has always been within myself, waiting to be remembered and brought back into life.

One of the greatest challenges on any spiritual path, I feel, is to consistently apply what one learns into daily life. In the Solar Tradition, one of the key principles in being able to do this is the ongoing process of letting go of all that stands in our way of integrating our spiritual knowledge and experiences in all that we do.

Today, a part of living spirituality for me is sharing the Solar Knowledge, the Solar Meditation Techniques, as well as my experiences and insights with others who are also interested in finding their way back to their true inner Selves.


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