Avalila Ashayrah Himadra

I have known the great blessing of sharing my life with Aaravindha for 27 years. When he entered my life through an introduction from a mutual friend my life was inexplicably changed! When Aaravindha started openly sharing the gift of his Saumedika sight with me a few years later, I was deeply transformed by the pure high truth and spiritual knowledge that he accessed, and how it so profoundly directed one’s awareness inward to the true Divine Self. The techniques Aaravindha first taught launched me into a powerful discovery of transcendence and realized radiance. I found a genuine connection to my true home in God/Goddess that is simply beyond words!

The last twenty years have been a beautiful process of spiritual awakening, filled with the joy of sharing this beautifully pure knowledge with the world. I am ever-grateful to be a steward of the Sambodha teachings, and to support Aaravindha and the many other Sambodha teachers in their expression. I find great joy in my interactions with the many friends that I’ve made in sharing the teachings of the Amartya Lineage, the Surah Parampara. I am awed at being able to focus my life in this way, and appreciative for all I have learned and continue to learn. The Surah Parampara is a powerfully deep tradition that requires the spiritual aspirant to put his or her heart on the sacred inner altar. It awakens compassion, humility, sincerity, truthfulness, non-harming, willingness, generosity, and the ability to see the One Beloved in all living beings alike. I am continually stretched further to grow in new and more expansive ways. This path enlivens a meaningful catharsis, a process that can undo many unhealthy patterns, beliefs, and perceptions that limit one’s true nature. To discover the freedom and love that is ever-waiting for us when we let go to that essential nature is true bliss!

I delight in teaching the advanced Pavana meditations, which I have been doing now for twenty years. I love teaching the Vaidurya Bhaishajye Dharani, (the Blue medicine mantra), as well as the Tri’kanti Kriya, along with many other aspects of the core knowledge. I frequently teach the Shantata Natanya, (Silence Dancing) at many of the seminars, which is a way of moving in essential presence.

I help organize many of the Sambodha seminars and events and work closely with Aiyanna.

Please contact me if I can be of help, or support to you.


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