Kaivallha Lutz

I find my greatest joy in life in the moments someone opens their eyes in a class or workshop after a meditative technique, and, looking into their eyes, a radiance shines through that wasn’t present before. The deep look of knowing imbues their being. It becomes evident they touched it–that indescribable place of truth and joy we all share. In that brief triumph that knowing is shared; sometimes through blissful tears, or an irrepressible smile. Those fleeting moments of silent jubilation make all of the years of study and practice recede into insignificance. When the light turns on like that it becomes clear that this truth and joy is what truly matters!

It has been a deep blessing to have been guided to the Surah Parampara lineage, and Aaravindha and Ashayrah. It is with celebratory gratitude that I have witnessed so many in this tradition–co-teachers, students, and myself, blossoming open into freer, more loving and aware people. These techniques work. The knowledge that accompanies them is vast and potent. Together they quickly bring about the greater awareness and love this world so desperately needs now.

Although I am passionate about all aspects of learning about and teaching awakening, I am especially fascinated with nature, and enjoy helping people learn techniques for connecting more deeply with nature themselves. It is through this deeper connecting, combined with the discovery of our own true nature, that we can step into our roles as the links between heaven and earth, and truly become the stewards the planet is calling for.

It is through teaching it that I have found access to ever-deeper layers of this expansive, living knowledge. And it is through its sharing that I am allowed to witness its extraordinary power to transform lives.


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