Aiyanna Diyamayi

All my life I was on a spiritual search, although I wasn’t aware of it in the early years. I tried many things and paths, but nothing helped to still my yearning for something unknown and yet so familiar. But there was a secret thread crossing my path again and again, and this thread had a somehow magical pull to it. I started following the thread and what I have retrieved is the bond to an ancient spiritual tradition, the sacred Solar Lineage, the Surah Parampara.

Since that moment of recognition, my search fell away and was transformed into a never-ending discovery, leading to a deeper and deeper journey into my true Self.

The founder of Sambodha, Aaravindha Himadra, is the foremost representative of the Surah Parampara in the western world. With him as my teacher, I took the Sambodha teacher training—a series of intensive seminars spread over the course of approximately seven years. I finished the training with the Paramahamsa level, which is marking the final stage of the Sambodha teacher training. But also after the end of the intensive seminars the learning with the support of the Solar Tradition and Aaravindha is continuing in different forms. I am endlessly grateful for the fulfillment that the learning and teaching in the Solar Tradition are giving me. There is no end to the learning and depth of realization that every being can accomplish on this ever deepening journey into the Self. Eternity has no limits. 

An important aspect of my life is supporting Aaravindha in his work through organizing his seminars in Europe and the translation and publication of his writings in the German language. Also, I offer seminars, and lectures on the knowledge of the Surah Parampara, the Amartya Tradition various cities in Germany. From fall 2017 on I will also offer seminars in the US, mainly on Orcas Island, and in Bellingham and Seattle.  Upon request, I offer seminars in other areas and countries as well, if there is a group of at least ten people.

An important key to finding fulfillment through a divine life is meditation. The initiation into the Solar Meditations has been experienced as a coming home for many people, a return to their ancient connection to the divine principles, which have always been present in them, but that have been forgotten for a long time. With the initiation and the practice of these sacred techniques and the learning of the principles of divine intention, this connection is vitalized and deepened, paving a direct path to an ever deepening movement towards the realization of the Self. Please read more on this on the meditation page of my website. 

We all are so much deeper than words can ever describe. Eternal beings that have focused their gaze on a few moments in time we call our life. But it is possible to expand the focus to something that is so blissful and beautiful, that it can only be experienced when we sacrifice of all our resistances and abide in the peaceful receptivity of an undefended heart towards our own Self.


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