PPeople of the New Age mindset often speak of an “Akashic Record,” an ethereal realm in which everything that is or has ever been is logged. But, that concept isn’t entirely accurate. The Akasha is better understood as the ethereal realm that is equal to the quantum hum of our universe—Akashic space and time being the same fabric. The hum represents the collection of infinitely diverse and ubiquitous integral frequencies that unfold to underwrite our primal physical reality. The Akasha is not our ethereal record keeper. It certainly exists as the initial fount of our existence, but it also changes its expression with every new instant. Its fundamental frequency is similar to the collective roar of an ocean, the ocean bearing in it the endlessly shifting and changing sound-formed variations of potential appearances and manifestations—each sound in the collective representing a creation wave, current, or eddy. In the ancient East this sound has often been described as the divine creation breath, the Pranava—the AUM.

It is however true that everything that has happened in the past is still there, in the past. Every past moment is locked into the eternal structure of time as a chronostatic mega-moment—representing a frozen, universal, space-time event. In Sanskrit, one of those chronostatic moments is referred to as a Mahabindu—“a Great Moment.” Those past events are the incrementally unfolding structure of time revealing life-necessary possibility; as is every moment in time, past and present, ongoing. What creates our experience of motion is the appearance of each new Mahabindu—thus creating the semblance of experience rolling on. Just beyond our normal reach, is an endless field of alternate time frames, but due to our 3rd dimensional restrictions, we can’t move sideways in a single moment in time, we can only move forward through our immediate timeline, each passing moment representing a snapshot of possibility that sequences forward into our single-timeline sense of streaming experience. To move into alternate timelines we would have to attain apparent conscious awareness of the fifth dimension—the fourth dimension is time itself.

A space-time event, every chronostatic moment, is the actual and only record keeper. A chronostatic moment is frozen potential as it once appeared to us when we cognized and processed it; the moment isn’t humming and therefore is not Akashic. It is our movement through these arising moments of time that creates the hum, and therefore also the space we live in. Though difficult to understand, the Akasha and all that it bears is the result of a grand Perceiver touching upon our limitless primordial potential. —The grand Perceiver being the underlying Intelligence, which we all share in Oneness above our common mortal reach.

A Mahabindu—a Mega moment—includes all that is apparent in any given instant, universally and collectively. It represents a single slice in the body of all-time. Time is the path; each moment a step forward through our shared infinite field of potential. The Akashic frequencies, which are governed by the one High Intelligence, recreate reality ongoing with each new step—therein giving us the appearance of our existence. But what appears as an event-moment is actually only a flash, a glimmer in all-time, which we must learn to abandon, let go of, in order to experience not only the next moment, but to simply experience. A rule we either learn to adapt to, or suffer the results of through our resistance to change.

As for reading the Akashic records—in order to truly cognize a moment that had taken place in the past, the explorer would have to abandon his or her hold on time altogether, and therein present the residual need of the past that is still apparent in the present, which would show itself as a recognizable trait, pattern or tendency. And therein offer it into the realm beyond as an uncorrupted question. In other words, if an individual were to recognize a specific trait, in one’s mental/physical nature, or in another, and that individual was able to sustain awareness of that trait in the presence of that unlimited silence that exists transcendent of the mind, beneath the Akashic hum that our human consciousness is bound to—the originating slice in time would under ideal circumstances reappear relative to the need that is inherent to that trait’s origin. That related slice in time would then act as the thing to read, not as a record, but as a returning-cognizance of that originating moment, as it was, frozen in time. But this is not easily accomplished; it requires discipline, time, and ongoing-guided practice to accomplish.

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