TThe word abnegation is a psychological term used in place of denial to express a state in which a person is confronted with a circumstance that is too difficult to accept, and discards it, in its place asserting that it is not true despite what may be exceptional evidence to the contrary. To some extent most all people, in varying degree, live with this condition ongoing. The core foundation for this condition is the inability to accept any present circumstances that threaten one’s sense of accepted self-identity or chosen reality. If you ask a person who has found their enlightenment what it means to awaken, that person would tell you that it is fundamentally the ability to experience reality as it truly is. In this same light, if you were to ask that enlightened person what is my spiritual path, he or she would tell you, it is the process of learning to let go of your sense of learned reality so to see, feel and hear what truly is.

While this may sound very simple, it is actually the greatest challenge anyone can face in his or her life. And, it is the essential spiritual path. Nothing else compares to the difficulty of letting go of whom or what one has spent a life, or lifetimes, investing in and affirming. And yet, it is exactly what your life was created for. Awakening is not something that can be accomplished or done; it is something that must be given up to. The difficulty in the game of awakening is not in the effort of doing, but in the effortlessness of letting go. The most common misunderstanding regarding enlightenment is that it is somehow a process of education, of gathering spiritual knowledge, and of mentally establishing a higher sense of reality.

Too many today claim they are enlightened, when in fact they are merely learned in a spiritual system or methodology. In truth, enlightenment is not a mental condition or acuity; it is purely the ability to see, feel and hear from the source of being, from that base of unconditional silence and Presence that exists at the essential core of one’s Being; and there realizing and actualizing the High Presence that lives above the kinetic actions and limits of the common psyche.

The awake will tell you, the unenlightened are ultimately no different than the enlightened, with the exception that the unenlightened are invested in a false self-reality that colors or distorts what is. Both alone and as a collective, many around the globe are entering a consciousness shift in a vitally important worldwide rite of passage. What was once in the distant horizon is now in the very air we breathe. This high stakes struggle that is now emerging ubiquitously involves the increasing difficulty of maintaining a self-serving false reality, both inwardly and outwardly, and therein ultimately giving in, and letting go, to what must finally come to be.

In your true awakening you will come to realize fully that you are not simply infinitely diverse beings, but instead you are infinitely diverse within a unified field of consciousness. —You are One, and the many! However, the greater unified intelligence that you all embody is only realized once you have given up your limited sense of self; a sense governed and maintained within a false cerebral and emotional nest of desire. In the end, your enlightenment will not be due to your mental capacity, but because of your willingness to be integral to and fully conscious of your/our essential true Self Will, which is at once the unlimited ubiquitous intelligence of that unified field.

What you are now struggling with as despair and frustration, as injustice and the corruption of our external reality, as the pangs of useless forced suffering that is fostered by the chosen liars of our times, is your soul Self’s unwillingness to continue on with the asserted world-illusion that is rooted in fear, hatred, and self-serving desire, rather than in your true nature, —which is unreserved love. To truly understand what this means it is essential to also understand the meaning of your Love. It isn’t an emotion or kinship with something that either provides an ego-gratification or satisfies a common want. Love’s most eloquent description, and the path through this global right of passage, rests in offering no resistance to the truth of your essential nature; a pure creative will that arises virginally from within the depth of your innermost nature, that is allowed to express your core impulses unencumbered by the fear mechanisms of the ego-persuaded intellect.

For a moment simply allow yourself this simple statement of Truth:

I stand fully in the light of true Self Knowledge!

I see, feel, and hear through the perception of Oneness!

Illusion has no power over me, because I am without fear!

The question the world is now confronted with is really very simple to understand. —Do you as a divine being, a natural born child of immortality, continue on with the destructive machinations of a corrupted society ruled by ambitious, power hungry false kings and queens, the out-picturing of a collective willingness to give in to an obvious distortion of reality, or do you reclaim your right to live fully in alignment with your higher nature? If the latter is true, then your path begins by reclaiming your inner listening, which in turn relies fully on you giving up your limited sense of your ego-oriented Self, your false identity, and inwardly surrendering into the lap of your unified presence, your true Self-nature. You are the meant and vital result, and participant Creator/Creatoress of your reality. What you alone and as a collective allow to come into fruition from within the silent depth of your true High Self, unencumbered by fear and ego desire, will determine the greater reality you create.

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